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Fit Tips

Perfect 4RM Fitness (P4F) is a strong believer in a healthy lifestyle which includes eating clean, eating whole foods, and nourishing the body with the correct ingredients to power, replenish, and rebuild our bodies. Fitness is more than lifting weights. It involves a mindset; and we approach health from a holistic plant based perspective. What you eat really does have an effect on how you feel. Eating whole foods, minimizing junk food, and partaking in a clean eating lifestyle can keep you healthy or help you regain your health if you haven't been well. 

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It's Not a Challenge. It's a Lifestyle.

Fit Tip of the Month:

When I am training; should I concentrate on only the areas where I want changes?


NO! Regardless if you are training to lose weight, to prepare for some type of competition, or performing your own personal routine; overtraining is a serious issue. When overtraining a certain area or group of muscles, we begin to undertrain others. In addition, you run the risk of injury, hitting a plateau, and overtraining. This same principle applies to the general public. If your routine consists of the same 10 exercises each day, and you’ve been doing this routine for months, you run a huge risk of overtraining, peaking, and injuring your body. 


So what’s the solution? You must OVERLOAD the muscles and vary the exercises to see gains! 


Plateaus in your fitness will be avoided the day you hit that button one extra time on the MPH or incline; when you choose to move that pin one rack lower; when you decide dumbbells and free weights aren’t that intimidating. Your body needs stressed and pushed in all different forms and modes and from all different angles. 


The take away: 

Fitness involves constantly changing up your routine. If you want to progress, you’ll want to avoid repeating the same exercises each day. Give yourself adequate rest, too. Use multiple machines – increase your weight (load) – and work multiple muscles!


Change up your routine today!

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